You as a Pastor have the skills to thrive in a Corporate Job - you just need some help to break in.

I help Pastors like you rebrand their valuable skills to for-profit hiring managers in a way that makes sense. As a result, you can break into Corporate America and build wealth for the first time while sustaining the ministry God has called you to for the long haul.

What We Do

I believe that you as a Pastor want to work hard, provide for your family, be radically generous and build a legacy of ministry that you can be proud of. I also believe that you want to expand your vocational options and earn more money outside of the church to provide for you and your family's needs.

The problem is that as a pastor, you have only ever worked in churches and have no idea how to message your valuable skills in a way that makes sense to hiring managers in corporate jobs, which makes you feel paralyzed and frustrated because you know that you could break into the workforce, earn more money and meet community members outside the church but don’t know where to start on the job hunt.

I Help Pastors Get Jobs was started because we think it’s a huge injustice that you want to expand your vocational options but there are no networks, denominations or ministries that actually help you to do that! 

Most of those places are ran by people who only ever worked in churches! 

The stakes couldn't be higher; you and your family may be suffering in silence, and you feel defeated about your low pay and churches like yours struggle to get by because of an antiquated view of vocational ministry that is not sustainable in the modern Western world.

There is a better way and by pastors like you securing jobs and exploring a Covocational approach to ministry! 

I understand how difficult it is to change industries and move from being a Pastor to a Marketplace Professional because I did it in New York City where I live and minister as a Church Planter. 

In 2017, I made the leap from a Pastor to a Management Consultant and Covocational Church Planter and paved a career path for myself where I can serve in the church, work and earn in the marketplace, provide for my family and and have helped thousands of others to do the same. 

I want you to be next!

Here’s how it works:

Stop living a smaller ministry and life than you are called to live and start to expand the vision of yourself as someone who works hard, provides for their family, live in radically generosity and builds a legacy of ministry that YOU can be proud of.

I Help Pastors Get Jobs is Here to Serve You!

Brendan's Story

I had just lost my position at the church I'd pastored at for four years, lost our home (parsonage attached to that church) and was in desperate need of finding a way to provide for my family. 

The IHPGJ resources provided me hope, encouragement, and practical steps that I could take toward finding employment outside of the ministry realm.

I applied the IHPGJ principles to find a job at a company completely outside the boundaries of my previous experience which led to a more sustainable and enjoyable job, which has allowed me to continue to serve in ministry while earning the majority of my family's income elsewhere. 

It's a big relief to not be completely financially dependent on the local church and the whims of any one pastor, elder, leader, or any group. 

The IHPGJ resources have helped me move in a positive trajectory toward the goal of sustainability.