Resume Rewrites

It is near impossible to get a job without a resume and most of our pastoral resumes are not Corporate Friendly.

Let's face it, translating "I held Bible Studies and counseled people" to transferable skills for corporate jobs is dicey. 

You don't have the time or the ability to do that and that is where we step in and do the heavy editing.

We take your current ministry resume, a job that you're interested in, and craft a custom resume that gets you callbacks from recruiters in a matter of days (sometimes hours)! Check this out:

"With the Resume Rewrite, I went from zero callbacks for 6 months to 3 callbacks (out of 5 applications) in 2 weeks! This stuff works." -Jim, Connecticut

"After 30 years in ministry, I knew I was ready for a change. I reached out to Eric for a Resumee Rewrite translating my pastoral skills in a way that makes sense in the job market. I've applied to three jobs so far and received callbacks to interview from all 3 jobs and one call was within 12 hours of applying! I know I will secure in something in no time. Thanks Eric" -Mike, Pennsylvania

"I was on the fence about a Resume Rewrite but I thought, you know what... why not go for it? I found a great Leadership Development role that looked right up my alley and comporable to what I did as a Pastor. Eric tweaked my resume and spent an hour with me showing how to network with people at the company that I was applying to. Within 1 day of my new resume being written, I had an interview! My first one in 20 years!" -Bobby, Virginia 

Are you next?!

Here's how it works:

Typical Turnaround is 72 business hours from purchase to resume in hand. It's that easy and painless!