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Are you a Pastor or Ministry Leader that has felt any of these realities in the past few years?

  • A dwindling membership roll and with it, less money coming into the offering plates each week?

  • Forced cuts to programs, ministries, operations and salaries for your church and it's staff?

  • Wear and tear on your marriage and family because of long term low wages as someone in full time ministry?

  • Being sick and tired of barely making it by financially and deep concerns about you and your children's future?

Are you wondering how I am in your head right now?

Because I am a pastor, just like you and I've felt all of these pressures above and more.

Just staying in the situation I've outlined above leads down a road you don't want to go; jadedness, anger, depression, burnout, even losing your own faith.

Look, I love the local church, planted my own church in The South Bronx of NYC and will be at church this Sunday but let's just face facts, full time vocational ministry is not a realistic, life giving, sustainable career path for most people anymore.

Let's just tear the band-aid off with the bad news.

The good news is, Jesus builds His church and it will always prevail!

In my story, I have found such great joy and sustainability being a BiVo Pastor for the past 6 years and since Covid-19, I have seen more and more pastors take this path.

Others want out of ministry altogether and I get that too.

When you find other ways to supplement your income, you change not only your family's financial picture but you grow in personal confidence, your ability to serve your church (no longer feeling forced to please 'the big givers') and the best part, you meet people outside of the 4 walls of the church.

Your ministry expands!

Imagine what life could like 3 months from now when you not only have a great job in the marketplace but you can serve the local church on the terms that God has called you to, not because you feel stuck in a situation that you can't get out of because your paycheck is tied to your calling.

My vision is to see you win.

Since launching this project in mid March, I've seen countless stories of pastors grow their incomes by 30% in a matter of weeks, all the way to pastors doubling their income in a matter months!

You can be next!

There is no "get rich quick scheme" here.

This is going to require you to work hard, do some deep self examination and "put yourself out there" in a way that you might never had to before.

But it will be worth it. Check out Dom's story:

"After nearly a decade in vocational ministry, I knew that best next step for my family was a marketplace role. I had no idea what types of jobs to even look for. Eric and I spent an hour on the phone and he helped me discover where my skillsets and passions lie and what types of jobs I should look into based on them. He took my ministry resume and helped me write a resume and cover letter that got me a corporate interview with 24 hours! 2 weeks ago, I had no idea what I wanted to even do professionally and today I accepted a 65K a year job with incredible benefits at a great non-profit! That's 15K more than I was making as a youth pastor. " -Dom, Delaware

I totally understand stepping out of ministry as you've known it is not easy but I promise I make it painless and enjoyable.

Let's dream big together about what God wants to do in and through you, in the church and in the marketplace, for His glory.

Eric Hoke